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    Advertising through LiveSV


    Ad Banners on

    • Masthead/Leaderboard banner dimensions:  468X60 pixels
    • Right-hand side banner dimensions: 300x250 pixels
    • Footer banner dimensions: 728x90 pixels
    • Banners are ROS (run-of-site); in rotation

    Pertinent Stat: 63,000+ unique visitors per month (based on recent average of three months)

    eBlast — Event-specific Email

    • This email, featuring only your event, is sent out to our subscriber list 
    • Your announcement must include a discount offer (20% recommended)
    • We use an email template; you supply the content
    • Rate: $400 per eBlast
    Pertinent Stat: 13,000+ subscribers (open rates vary per event)


    Ads in Email Products

    Weekly "Discover the Discounts" Half-Price Ticket Offers Email — Horizontal Banner Ad

    • Exclusive ad placement on the weekly half-price tickets email
    • Dimensions: 486x60 pixels
    Pertinent Stats: 13,000+ subscribers; 28% average open rate; 42% average click-through rate

    "Staff Picks for Kids and Families" Bi-Weekly EmailHorizontal Banner Ad

    • Exclusive placement on the bi-weekly Staff Picks for Kids & Families email
    • Dimensions: 468X60 pixels
    Pertinent Stats: 2,000+ Subscribers; 28% average open rate; 27% average click-through rate


    General Notes

    Client provides graphics. Discounts available for non-profit organizations as well as package pricing for non-profit and for-profit. Contact us for more information regarding advertising on LiveSV.

    Note: reserves the right to approve in advance any advertising/messaging that will appear on or in any of its products.

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